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EFA-SST® high-speed spiral door

  • Fast and robust  Due to the horizontal folding movement of the high-speed folding doors, the full clearance height is immediately completely free. Doors of the F series open with high speeds and are extremely heavy-duty. They protect against noise and draft air, save energy and convince with good heat and sound insulating properties. Individual design  High-speed folding doors by EFAFLEX which are mainly used for closing whole buildings are one aspect of modern industrial architecture. Thanks to the large number of design possibilities, your high-speed folding door can be adjusted to every facade.
  • Due to the fast door leaf speed, the EFA-SST® contributes to reducing your energy costs - also during operation.
  • Due to the open spiral box, the impressive opening process can be well observed. If requested, the box can also be covered.
  • The unique spiral technology enables the wear-free and quiet door leaf reception.

The new generation

Worldwide increasing energy prices have prompted EFAFLEX to design completely new high-speed spiral doors as hall closure. The technically new design constitutes an improvement of the physical characteristics of the door leaf as well as an optimisation of the functionality.

Trend-setting: EFA-THERM® laths

As the first manufacturer worldwide, we will from now offer thermally separated EFA-THERM® insulation laths for the EFA-SST® as a standard. Thus, depending on the size of the door, an excellent heat insulation of between 0.66 and 1.52 W/m2K can be achieved. The new door leaf is exceptionally robust, long-lived, tight and sound insulating. Depending on the desired light entry, we include as many EFA-CLEAR transparent laths of acrylic glass into the door as you wish.