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EFAFLEX leading in innovation

By deciding in favour of an EFAFLEX high-speed roll-up door, you have opted for the worldwide leading technology and benefit exclusively from our technical edge. With our innovative developments, we guarantee constant progress:

1992: With the high-speed spiral door, we present an absolute world premiere!

1998: With the development of the worldwide unique door light grid EFA-TLG®, EFAFLEX sets a further milestone.

1999: As next world premiere, EFAFLEX develops the transparent EFA-STT®.

2002: We present the world's fastest door! The EFA-STR® achieves a speed of up to 4.0 m/s.

2004: The Active Crash System EFA-ACS is presented. The completely new crash protection ensures the fully-automatic "repair" of the door leaf.

2007: The new, innovative generation of the EFA-SST® revolutionizes the market. In connection with the EFA-THERM® insulation laths, the door considerably increases the energy efficiency.

2008: EFA-ACS is now also available for the door types EFA-SST® and EFA-STT®. Worldwide unique: the combination of fixed door leaf and active crash system.
EFA-SCAN, the world's first laser scanner for door systems, is introduced. It combines gapless detection of moving and motionless objects with intelligent direction recognition.